Bridge Company App

Project Duration: 2 months (Nov 2022 - Dec 2022)

My university project involved developing a location-tracking app with specific functionality. The app continuously tracks and displays the geolocation of the device it is running on and allows users to store multiple locations with a name and a short note. The app also allows users to view a list of all saved locations and view, edit, or delete a single stored location. Additionally, users have the option to delete all stored locations at once. All data is recorded in a persistent memory structure such as an SQLite database for maximum marks. My app is designed to minimise potential errors on the user's side and to ensure interaction with it is as convenient and efficient as possible.

Image 1


This is the initial screen that greets the user upon launching the application. In the event that the location preferences have not been enabled, the user will be prompted to activate them. Following the activation of the location services, it may be necessary to restart the application so that the current longitude and latitude can be accurately retrieved. On this screen, the user is presented with two options, "Log Report" and "View All". Selecting "Log Report" will take the user to an alternate screen, whereas choosing "View All" will redirect the user to another section of the application.

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Log Report Page

When the user selects "Log Report" on the main page, they will be directed to this page. This page displays the current location and date, providing a comprehensive overview of the bridge's status. The user will also have the option to select one of three colored buttons to indicate the bridge's state. Once a state is selected, the other options will become unselectable. To record the report, the user can click the "Add" button, which will save the data in an SQL database, and return the user to the homepage.

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View All Page

On this page, the user can view a list of all records that have been created, sorted in descending order. Each record is clickable and will take the user to a details page with more information about that specific record. Additionally, on this page, there is a "Delete All" button which allows the user to delete all records from the SQL database and updates the screen to reflect this change.

Image 4

Edit Report Page

This page provides the user with the ability to modify a report, including changing the date and the state of the bridge. The changes can be saved by clicking the "Add" button, which will also navigate the user back to the previous page. In addition, the user can choose to delete only the current report by clicking the "Delete Report" button. The "Update" button allows the user to make changes to the report, which will be reflected both on the screen and in the SQL database.

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