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Project Duration: 2 weeks (August 2023) [140 hours]

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Welcome to Guess The Link. This project is a reflection of my commitment to transforming an idea into reality, and it has been a significant learning experience for me. I embarked on this project as a personal challenge to explore my abilities in game development and app creation. Throughout its development, I delved into various software development kits (SDKs), including Firebase, Google AdMob, and RevenueCat. This allowed me to gain valuable insights into the technical aspects of app monetization and user analytics. Moreover, "Guess The Link" put my SwiftUI skills to the test. As I move forward to my next project, which heavily relies on Swift, this endeavor provided a real-world testing ground for my abilities—from inception to completion. I invite you to explore "Guess The Link" and witness the results of this enriching journey. Every connection you make within the game represents a step forward in my continuous pursuit of excellence in app development.

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Game View

This is the heart of "Guess The Link," where users test their deductive skills by entering their guess and clicking "Submit." The app provides swift feedback: "Correct!" for success or "Wrong" for a challenge. In the top left corner, a dynamic lives counter shows the user's progress, decreasing with each incorrect answer. These lives are updated in real-time using Firebase SDK for accurate tracking. The "Pro" button at the top right offers premium features like unlimited lives and exclusive benefits for dedicated players. For added flexibility, users can click the top left button to watch an ad for an extra life, powered by Google AdMob SDK for relevant ads seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience.

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Leaderboard View

The leaderboard page offers a glimpse into our global gaming community, displaying the top 5 highest-scoring players. It updates in real time using Firebase SDK, showcasing the latest rankings from highest to lowest, fostering competition and insights into your performance against global players.

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Profile View

The Profile view is a hub of information and control for an enhanced gaming experience. It shows your name, username, and email for easy account access. Track your progress with the High Score section, know your subscription status, and find a complete gameplay guide. Stay updated with the Version Number and use the Sign-Out button for account control. It's all about empowering users to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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Pay Wall

Choosing PRO unlocks premium benefits for an enhanced gaming experience. For just $0.99 monthly or $9.99 annually, enjoy Unlimited Lives, an Ad-Free Experience, and Priority Access to new features. The Paywall screen offers choices to enhance your journey. Go Pro for a seamless, ad-free adventure and stay ahead in the game's evolution.

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