Apple Watch Keele University App

Project Duration: 1 month (Mar 2022)

This project involved creating a 3D animation in Processing 2 of an Apple Watch featuring a Keele University themed app. The animation showcases the watch and its functionality, highlighting the unique features of the app. The app incorporates Keele University branding and imagery to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. The animation concludes with scrolling credits, providing credit to those involved in the project. The animation required a range of technical skills, including 3D modelling, mathematics, animation, and rendering, and was completed with close attention to detail to ensure a high-quality final product.

3D Apple Watch Render

This scene creates a 3D animation of an Apple Watch which spins once fully. In this scene, a watchfile.obj is loaded and a PShape object called watch is created. This object is then drawn using the shape() function. The angle variable is incremented by 1 in each frame, and the watch object is rotated around the y-axis by this angle to make it spin. The Apple Watch is displayed in the center of the screen against a white background.

Real Time Clock

In this scene, a custom interface design is displayed. The screen1() function is called, which displays the first screen of the Apple Watch interface. The interface includes a central working analog clock and several app icons around it. The apps() function is called to display the circular app icons, and the clock() function is called to create a functional clock in the center. The Applogos() function is called to display the logos of each app at their corresponding positions around the clock.

Keele Univerisity App

This scene demonstrates a Keele orientated application. In this scene, the user interface is changed to show the Keele app, and a finger clicks the login button which allows the user to register their attendance. The screen2() function is called to display the Keele app interface. The keeleApp() function is called to show the details of the Keele app. The graphics() function is called to display some graphical details. The attendedBar() function is called to display an attended bar. Finally, the checkIn() function is called to display the "Check In" button, and the selectingTool() function is called to simulate a finger clicking on this button.

Scrolling Credits

In this scene, a scrolling credits screen is displayed. The credits() function is called, which displays the scrolling text by reading a text file named "credits.txt" containing a list of credits. The creditBackground image is used as the background for the scrolling credits.

Full Animation

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